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Due to a modern molecular form of Tadalafil, scientists succeeded to concentrate action of this drug on single ferment FDE 5, which blocks the appearance of erection. As a result of the continued splitting of Tadalafil decreases the risk of side effects connected to a severe load on the heart.

Cialis doesn’t influence on others forms of FDE 5, that’s why it doesn’t provoke side effects in eyes and some parts of the brain.

The action of Cialis is only connected with the natural increase of blood flow to the penis.

Usage and dosage

  • Cialis can be used in dose 20 mg or 40 mg.
  • Average dose – 1 pill, which contains 20mg Tadalafil, however in some cases, the sensitivity of organism of some men can be reduced to this substance, that’s why they need a 40mg dose.
  • Pills should be used minimum 30min before sexual contact, by the way, food doesn’t influence on the time.

Measures of precaution


  • Men, who are forbidden physical loads because of the health state, are not able to use Cialis.
  • According to the fact that Cialis stimulates increasing of heart activity, in the case of heart failure drug is forbidden to use.


Cialis online

In most of the plain pharmacies, you won’t find cheap Cialis, because generally, this pharmacy sale only expensive brand. Buying Cialis online, you can choose cheap analog of Cialis and save a nice sum of money.

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