BananaCoin : A New Type Of ICO

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Bananacoin is founded by a group of professionals with over 5 years of background experience in banana production in Laos, associated with software development specialists and specialist attorneys. The staff is ready to apply the strengths of blockchain technologies in a true daily business logic.

Our goal is a radical change of investing and exporting relationships between the parties of a banana production and supply. We wish to decentralize the process of expanding the business and take it out of the traditional financial institutions restricts. Actually, just a few blockchain programs have a tendency to show the result in a real world.

Based on the primary unities and blockchain-protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Classic, Waves, NEM) “Bananacoin” will lead a marketplace to a popularization and comprehension of the blockchain on the commodity marketplace.
Bananacoin will create a blockchain token emission connected to the worthiness of banana export commodity. Emitted Assets is a free-to-trade advantage on the global exchange stock markets that provide investors the chance to grow their profit being a participant of the commodity marketplace.

Pre-ICO phase

The pre-ICO has begun at the 28th of August and will end in the 12th of September. They aim to sell 1 million BCO tokens for the initial price of $0.25 per one token.

The Banana Team

The team consists of different people with all the needed abilities for the implementation of these project. There are individuals with years of expertise in the agro-industrial area, in addition to good marketing group and individuals focused on the trading relationship with China.

In addition, they act very professional and need to offer as much transparency for their company as you can. A job investor can even see their plantation to see how his money has already been invested. Very good strategy and attention for the peace of mind of investors. It’s always good to realize that the developers care about their supporters.

They’ve provided powerful and dependable whitepapers and business plan backed by information statistic and calculation. All of the information about the business is easily researchable.

Potential dangers

Taking all things into consideration we can presume that’s quite safe and stable project to invest in. There are not any many considerable drawbacks because they have already built the plantation, there’s a great deal of cash to be made from it and they wish to expand their service on the even bigger scale. They are opening to the Chinese market that reveals enormous demand and imports a lot of bananas. The token’s price will remain quite stable as it depends on the real price of a kilogram of food, which doesn’t change from sudden like this, so there’s no crash our crisis that may happen, besides a global food disaster naturally, but it’s not something that we might count on. Naturally, there are also possible losses which might happen if something bad happens to the farm or the yield occurs to be small, but those are either unpredictable situations or controllable ones.

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